July 2017 Quarterly Recognition Luncheon

Our most recent recognition luncheon took place on July 28, 2017 and was underwritten by Axon/TASER. Click here to see a video about that luncheon and learn about the extraordinary dedication of GPD officers and employees.

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Police Raise Awareness About Traumatic Brain Injuries

From now until the end of May, you might notice a few changes in the way some Greensboro police officers look. You might see officers with streaks of green in their hair or sporting green nail polish. Male officers might be sporting beards.

Chief Wayne Scott is temporarily relaxing the department’s grooming standards to raise awareness about traumatic brain injuries (TBI). The awareness campaign is in support of an officer who is currently battling a TBI after suffering a head injury during a home improvement project.

“Green is the color associated with TBI and I think displaying this color will certainly cause members of the public to ask questions about it,” says Scott. “That opens the door for us to talk about how we are supporting one of our employees who is fighting to recover from this life-changing injury.”

When asked why he is temporarily allowing beards, Scott says: “Beards are a very different look for our officers. I hope the facial hair will cause members of the public to become inquisitive. Then, we can talk with them about why we are growing beards to raise awareness about TBI.”

The injured officer, whose name is being withheld at the request of his family, is a 19-year veteran of the Greensboro Police Department, who was injured in mid-January. After being hospitalized for more than a month, he has returned home and is slowly improving.

The special order permitting the relaxed grooming standards allows employees to:

  • Wear full beards with mustaches
  • Highlight hair green or wear green hair extensions
  • Wear green nail polish and/or decorative nail art

On June 1, employees must revert the existing departmental directives which requires men to have clean shaven faces with the exception of neatly-trimmed mustaches.

Click here to watch additional coverage of this story on TWC’s Spectrum News.

If you would like to make a donation to the family of the officer that is recovering from a traumatic brain injury, please click here to go to our Donation page. Please note that these donations are not tax-deductible.

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Police Foundation Donates Upscale Mobile Command Center to Police Department

GREENSBORO, NC (Feb. 8, 2017) –  Approximately one year after launching its second capital campaign, the Greensboro Police Foundation last night received City Council’s approval to donate a mobile command center to the Greensboro Police Department.

Foundation members raised approximately more than $120,000 to purchase a 2007 Freightliner from a dealer in Penn. The vehicle features two double-slide outs, a robust information-technology infrastructure, kitchenette, and a restroom.

“When we heard that the mobile command center has slots for VCR machines, we knew we needed to upgrade the mobile command center,” said Marc Isaacson, Vice President of the GPF. “So we are pleased to report that we have raised the necessary funds to acquire this vehicle.”

The Freightliner replaces GPD’s existing mobile command center, a refurbished Thomas bus, which was purchased in 1998 using federal forfeiture funds. Much of the equipment inside the vehicle is obsolete, taking up valuable space. The vehicle also lacks a restroom.

The mobile command center is the agency’s flagship command and control vehicle that serves two vital functions: incident management and community engagement.

When deployed for incident management, the vehicle provides:

  • Centralized command, control, and communications
  • Investigative efficiencies through on-scene interviews of witnesses, victims and suspects
  • Health, safety and comfort resources for sustained operations

When used for community engagement, the vehicle:

  • Is a visible location for crime prevention efforts
  • Serves as a rally point for community gatherings to promote police and citizen interaction

The Freightliner will be put in service within 90 days after it receives vinyl decals and minor refurbishment. The sale of the existing mobile command center should cover the costs of this work.

“We are very thankful to the Foundation for acquiring this vehicle,” said Police Chief Wayne Scott. “It provides us with a much-needed capability. And, at no cost to the tax-payer, this is a win-win situation.”

Last night’s motion to accept the vehicle followed a brief presentation by Foundation members. It passed 8 to 1 with Councilwoman Hightower as the dissenting vote.

The Foundation’s first capital campaign raised $125,000 for the department to purchase additional body worn cameras in 2013.

The Greensboro Police Foundation is an independent 501 (c) (3) organization that supplements city funding to provide additional resources to help officers have the best training and equipment possible in order to provide the highest level of service to its citizens.

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January Quarterly Recognition Luncheon

On a quarterly basis, the Greensboro Police Foundation hosts a recognition luncheon honoring the great work done by the men and women of the Greensboro Police Department. Our most recent luncheon took place on January 27, 2017 and was underwritten by the Surgical Center of Greensboro. Click here to see a video about that luncheon and learn about the extraordinary dedication of GPD officers and employees.


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May Officer of the Month-Officer JT Lance

LANCE, J.T.Officer J. T. Lance, who is the School Resource Officer assigned to Dudley High School, is an officer who obviously cares about the students at his school.  He knows the students assigned to Dudley and can talk at length about the problems they face and the exceptional qualities they possess.  He interacts with them on a daily basis and can be found in the halls of the school, the cafeteria and around the exterior of the school speaking with students.

When watching him one gets the feeling he is acting more in the “big brother” role than that of a police officer.  Demonstrating his concern for the students and their opportunities after high school this year he started the “Young Scholarship” program.  The program awards a monetary gift to a graduating male and a graduating female student based upon their academic achievement and their citizenship in and out of the school setting.  The students are selected based upon Officer Lance’s observations as well as input from teachers and the Dudley High School administrative team.

The monetary award for this scholarship is funded entirely by Officer Lance.  Officer Lance is deserving of this recognition for Officer of the month of May 2016, due to his implementation of the “Young Scholars Scholarship” program and the fact that he utilizes his own funds to help students achieve their goals of continuing their education after completing high school.

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May Employee of the Month-Crime Scene Investigator SP Garis

garis-s-pOn April 15, 2016 Crime Scene Investigator SP Garis was dispatched to 1931 East Market Street, an apartment building parking lot, in reference to processing a recovered stolen vehicle.  Upon arriving on scene, Investigator Garis spoke with investigating officers to gather information concerning the stolen vehicle. She learned that the vehicle was an Enterprise Rental Vehicle that had been rented since October 30, 2015.

It had been reported stolen from another part of town on December 29, 2015.  After photographing the vehicle as it was found, Investigator Garis began a search of the interior of the vehicle for evidence.  She detected a compartment over the rear view mirror, typically used to store sunglasses.  Several items were found in the compartment, including an identification card for a subject not known to have had possession of the vehicle prior to its being stolen.  Investigator Garis recognized the subject’s name as being a person arrested in relation to a recent homicide.  She remembered the name from photographing him in an unrelated case in 2014.

Investigator Garis immediately notified officers on scene of the discovery of the ID and the potential that the vehicle may be related to the recent homicide.  After notification to the Watch Commander, it was determined that the vehicle would be towed and secured so that further processing could be done after homicide detectives were notified.

Due to Investigator Garis’ thorough investigation and attention to detail, homicide detectives were able to make connections between the subject who’s ID was located and other subjects with possible information helpful to the homicide investigation and other crimes.

Her diligence in notifying investigators of the evidence found led to the security and detention of other potential evidence of a more serious crime.  Investigator Garis should be commended for dedication, professionalism and work ethic.


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April Officer of the Month-Detective CW Coward

coward-c-wOn April 7, 2016 Detective Coward along with Violent Crime Task Force members apprehended a wanted subject on outstanding warrants for possession of a firearm by felon.  This violent offender was already a validated gang member and suspected of being involved I numerous violent gun crimes in Greensboro.  He showed up for a March 2014 VCTF response call as a known violent offender on probation.

Upon apprehension for the warrants, he was transported by Detective Coward who was able to develop a solid rapport with the subject.  Detective Coward was able to interview him extensively about numerous homicides and other violent crimes in Greensboro where he was forthcoming and provided solid information.

The subject subsequently provided significant information on at least three unsolved homicides and an aggravated assault/home invasion.  This interview took several hours and would not have been successful had Detective Coward not developed the rapport and trust to elicit this information that took time and patience.  Detective Coward completed a thorough and extensive interview that resulted in solid and corroborated information on numerous violent criminal Greensboro as well as additional warrants on several homicide investigations.

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April Officer of the Month-Detective EA Crozier

Over the last few months, Det. Crozier has been working a narcotic investigation that spans from Los Angeles, CA to North Carolina.  During April of this year, Det. Crozier was able to organize an operation that led to the arrest of two subjects as they returned from California with narcotics.  During this incident, a total of 3 subjects were arrested as well as three kilograms of heroin, one pound of methamphetamines and $22,644.00 in U. S. currency were seized.

Det. Crozier continued to follow up and work the case through the month and learned of a drug deal that was to take place in Durham, N. C.  Det. Crozier enlisted the assistance of the Durham Police Dept., Homeland Security and the DEA.  As a result, one subject was arrested and five kilograms of cocaine, $1,000.00 U. S. currency and a firearm was seized.

Information gained from this investigation led to a search warrant the following day on a target that the DEA and the Durham Police Dept. have been investigating for a long time, but have been unable to arrest.  The search warrant led to the additional seizure of $785,000.00 U. S. currency, 2014 Ferrari, 2007 Hummer H2, 2015 Ford F150 FX4 Platinum, 2008 Cadillac Escalade, 2008 BMW 328i, 2015 Panamera 4 and numerous bank accounts.  The subject’s residence is also pending for seizure.

During the month of May, Det. Crozier seized an additional 13 pounds of methamphetamine while continuing to investigate this case.  Det. Crozier should be recognized for his commitment to his job as well as his exceptional work and results.  Det. Crozier should also be commended for his willingness to work with other agencies and share information to complete the mission.

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March Officer of the Month-Officer EA Early

early-e-aDetective E. A. Early consistently meets with the core values/missions of the City of Greensboro and The Greensboro Police Department.  While performing his official duties, Detective Early presents himself in a professional manner and represents the agency in a positive light.  Detective Early has been assigned to the Criminal Intelligence Squad for one year and is one of the unit’s most proactive detectives.

An example of this performance can be found on March 2016 when Detective Early received a generic interdepartmental email from another detective describing an incident and asking for anyone with information about the incident to provide it.  Detective Early opened the email and watched the associated video which revealed a violent assault occurring in Escondido, California.

In the video, a resident of California is seen walking up to a vehicle registered in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Two male subjects and a female exit the vehicle and violently assault the individual.  One of the male attackers physically picks up the victim over his head and slams him to the ground three separate times.  The female passes a handgun to the second male subject who shoots at the victim just as he is picking himself off the ground.  The round narrowly misses the victim’s head as he comes to his feet and flees on foot.

Upon viewing the video, Detective Early began to research the vehicle and determined the identity of the registered owner.  From there, he compiled a list of locations within Greensboro where this suspect vehicle may be located.  The detective then reviewed social media posts from individuals associated to the vehicle and aforementioned addresses.  Detective Early was then able to determine the registered owner had just returned from California.  With assistance from other CID Detectives, Detective Early located the vehicle and conducted surveillance.

A short time later, he conducted a vehicle stop on the registered owner of the vehicle and subsequently arrested them for misdemeanor traffic offenses.  The associated interview with the driver resulted in a confession from the assault captured on video, occurring in California.  Additionally, Detective Early was able to develop the identities of the other two suspects and a fourth occupant/witness of the crime who was in the vehicle but did not participate.

This event was determined to be gang related and it is believed the group traveled from Greensboro to California to murder the individual they attacked.  It is further believed that only because of a firearm malfunction and lack of training on the part of the shooter did the suspects failed to kill her intended target.  Detective Early compiled his notes, the recorded video of the confession and all pertinent information he developed from his investigation; sending it via Federal Express to Detective Havens of the Escondido Police Department.

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May Officer of the Month-Officer BE Constant

constant-b-eOn Monday May 16, 2016 Officer B. E. Constant responded to a domestic disorder located at 1415 Cypress Street. The call notes indicated that there was a dispute between an adult brother and sister. The sister had a history of mental health issues.
Both the brother and sister advised that they were bleeding but refused EMS. During the call, one of the parties advised that a subject on scene had fallen and hit head. EMS was then requested non-emergency traffic. Officer Constant arrived on scene before EMS and Fire. He quickly realized that the female subject was on the floor and was not conscious. Officer Constant checked for a pulse, and did not find one. He changed EMS response to emergency traffic and gave an update to the patient’s condition.

He immediately started CPR on the patient and was later assisted by his District Two assist unit, Officer Maness. Officer Constant continued CPR until Fire and EMS arrived and they continued the process. EMS was able to get the patient’s heart to beat on its own and she started to recover slowly. Emergency room Doctor Goldstone advised that the patient receiving CPR, so quickly, played an instrumental part in her recovery.
Officer Constant was able to respond to a chaotic Domestic disturbance and take immediate action. He was able to offer assistance to a citizen, and play a part in saving the life of the patient. Officer Constant showed awareness, command and leadership in his life saving efforts and deserves to be named the District Four Officer of the Month.

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March Officer of the Month-Officer AL Cummings

CUMMINGS, A.L. (Copy)On Tuesday March 1, 2016, Officer A. L. Cummings, who is the assigned School Resource Officer for Allen Middle School, was notified by an Assistant Principal that a female 7th grade student was in possession of a knife.  Officer Cummings responded to the classroom where the student was and learned that a teacher observed the utility knife fall out of her book bag while she was in class.

Officer Cummings took possession of the knife and escorted the student to his office to discuss the incident.  While in his office the student was crying and would not communicate verbally with him, she would however nod her head indicating yes or no answers to his questions.  She indicated she did not bring the knife to defend her or to inflict harm on others.  At this point during their conversation she raised her arms and hands to wipe away tears and Officer Cummings noticed scars on her wrists/forearms consistent with previous cuts.

The scars did not indicate previous deep cuts but he feared they did indicate serious behavior or mental concerns.  Officer Cummings began to ask a series of gentle probing questions.  He was able to determine that she had been cutting herself intentionally but could not establish whether or not they indicated previous suicide attempts.

Officer Cummings then enlisted the assistance of one of the schools counselors.  They notified the parents who were apparently unaware of her behavior.  The parents were given information about programs available. Through his observations, questions and intervention a young student may receive help coping with the problems she is encountering in her life and learn how to better cope with those and future problems.  He is to be commended for his follow-through on his observation.

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May Officer of the Month-Detective RM Mayo

MAYO, R.M.On May 21st , 2016 Detective Mayo was assigned a burglary of business case in which the suspect broke into a convenience store and stole multiple items including several lottery ticket dispensers containing lottery tickets.  Detective Mayo made contact with the NC Lottery Commission and determined the suspect had attempted to cash several lottery tickets at various locations throughout the city.  Detective Mayo followed up on the information by going to the stores where the suspect attempted to pass the tickets and viewed surveillance and obtained a description of the suspect.

After viewing surveillance footage at one store, Detective Mayo was in the process of driving to a 2nd location to view additional footage and observed a subject walking on the sidewalk on W. Market Street with a small child in the area where the burglary took  place that matched the description of the suspect.  Detective Mayo conducted a field interview with the subject and he admitted to recently attempting to redeem some lottery tickets for cash.  Detective Mayo convinced the subject to meet him at the police substation later in the day to conduct a more thorough interview.

Once in the interview room, Detective Mayo was able to get the suspect to confess to the initial burglary of the convenience store as well as the attempts to redeem the stolen lottery tickets for cash at the other locations.  In addition to this confession, Detective Mayo got the suspect to confess to two separate incidents where he had thrown rocks through the front windows of businesses as well.

Detective Mayo continued to interview the suspect and also got him to confess to assisting in a robbery in which the suspects stole a vehicle from the victim at gunpoint.  As a result of the interview Detective Mayo was able to clear four cases and charge the suspect with felony breaking and entering, larceny after breaking and entering, two counts of obtaining property by false pretense, two counts of vandalism and one count of possession of a stolen vehicle.

Detective Mayo showed exemplary service and dedication in this case.  His commitment, observation and interview skills should be commended in this case.

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May Officer of the Month-Officer CJ Fulk

FULK, C.J. (1)Officer C. J. Fulk has proven to be above standard with his investigating skills and over-all dedication to his zone and the crimes plaguing the community, and all this at a PO1 level.  Earlier this month Officer Fulk responded to a shooting into an occupied vehicle in the Claremont Homes area.

The victim had little information and did not see who was shooting, but thankfully was not injured.  This also occurred in broad daylight with hundreds of residents out and about.  While speaking with the victim, a teenage girl and her family, whom Officer Fulk has built a rapport with over his time working the area, pulled up and advised him who the suspect was and precisely where he was standing when the shooting occurred.

The location was confirmed when several shell casings were located in that area.  He also provided a great physical description and exactly what he was wearing, which was then immediately broadcasted over the radio.  Officer E. T. Talmon spotted the suspect who immediately ran and was able to duck into an apartment somewhere in Claremont Homes.  Officer Fulk also checked social media while on scene and was able to find a video that had been posted an hour before the shooting by another subject who is a known gang member.

In the video the shooting suspect can be seen assaulting and robbing another teen and is wearing the same clothing described by the shooting witness.  After researching the shooting suspect and learning he had previously been convicted of an assault with a deadly weapon, he was able to obtain enough probable cause for several for several charges which included: Assault with a deadly Weapon with Intent to Kill, Firearm by Felon, Possession of a Firearm by a Minor, Injury to Personal Property, Discharge a Weapon into Personal Property, Discharging a Firearm in city Limits, and RDO.

He was later arrested and given a $150,000 bond for those charges.  Instead of just stopping there, Officer Fulk continued to investigate the robbery, posted on social media, further.  He got in touch with Page SRO A. Griffiths who was able to identify the victim.  Officer Fulk then located a possible address and telephone number of the victim’s mother.  He set up a time to meet with them and was able to develop enough probable cause to charge both the shooting suspect from the Claremont incident and his accomplice with Common Law Robbery, Assault, and Conspiracy.

During this time he also learned more information about the gangs associated with Claremont Homes and he continues to stay on top of incidents occurring and the people involved.  Furthermore, he continues to help build bridges with the members of the community in hopes of making them feel safe and unafraid of coming forward with information.  For these reasons, Officer C. J. Fulk is the District 4 Officer of the Month.

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March Officer of the Month-Officer SR Marrow

MARROW, S.R.On Sunday March 13, 2016, Officer Marrow had  just finished his off-duty shift at Shooters Sports Bar and Billiards located at 3808 Gate City Boulevard, when the lot suddenly filled with multiple vehicles.  Officer Marrow observed subjects exit the vehicles and begin to fight.

Officer Marrow, along with Officer Gosman began to break up the fights as he called for additional units to respond to the area.  Officer Marrow then observed a subject bent over and bleeding profusely from his neck area and realized the subject had been cut.  He called for Emergency Medical Services to respond (the victim later died from his injuries).  Officer Marrow then located the suspect quickly walking toward a vehicle parked in the lot.  Officer Marrow caught up with the subject as he was throwing something into the vehicle, later determined to be the weapon used in the assault.

As Officer Marrow put one handcuff on the suspect, he saw another subject quickly approaching his location.   Officer Marrow began issuing commands for the additional subject to stop.  This subject ignored commands and attempted to strike the subject that Officer Marrow was attempting to handcuff.

Officer Marrow was able to deflect the punch with his forearm (receiving several abrasions in the process).  Retrieved his Electrical Conducted Device and deploy it to stop additional assaults by this subject.  Officer Marrow then completed handcuffing the assault/murder suspect while Officer Gosman handcuffed the other subject.

While the scene was chaotic, Officer Marrow remained calm, summoned necessary assist officers and emergency medical services, protected the homicide suspect from assault and arrested the homicide suspect.  Officer Marrow’s actions and quick thinking prevented additional injuries, and led to the arrest of the homicide suspect before he could flee the scene.

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March Officer of the Month-Officer ME Schettino

SCHETTINO, M.E.On the night of March 11th during the critical incident at 1606 Efland Drive two flood light bulbs on a motion activated light at 1604 Efland Drive were broken out for the purpose of Officer Safety.  The elderly resident, Ms. Irish Jones was advised of the broken lights and I advised her we would make every effort to get lights replaced.  Ms. Jones, who lives alone, was very appreciative of the police response and she stated all of the officers she encountered were very nice.

I spoke with Sergeant M. E. Schettino about the broken lights and how I felt Ms. Jones needed these lights replaced.  The lights illuminate Ms. Jones’s driveway and porch area and would definitely improve the security around her house at night.  Sergeant Schettino came into work on March 13th and proceeded to purchase two flood light bulbs from Lowes Home Improvement with his own money.  He then went to Ms. Jones’s residence and met with her.  Sergeant Schettino proceeded to install the new bulbs for Ms. Jones who was very appreciative of his efforts.

Sergeant Schettino showed a perfect example of Neighborhood Oriented Policing (NOP).  Sergeant Schettino went above and beyond the call of duty and is thus very deserving of being selected Officer of the Month.

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May Officers of the Month-Officers JG Thomas, AL McIntosh and BB Royal








During the month of May, these officers did an outstanding job of being alert and documenting information of a suspicious subject last April and May, relaying that information to Detective Finch in CISS.  In light of horrible acts of violence in the news today, add the possibility that anything can happen anywhere, the work of all involved in this case was most worthy of recognition of a job well done in keeping us all safe.  Their vigilance and follow up by Detective Finch subsequently led to the arrest of the subject by federal authorities.  They did an outstanding job.

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April Officer of the Month-Officer CR Little

LITTLE, C.R.On April 17th, at approximately 0320 hours a robbery was reported in District IV, and a subsequent suspect vehicle description of a gold SUV was given out over all dispatches.  Street Crimes detectives provided a further suspect description identifying this suspect vehicle as a gold Chevy Trailblazer, and indicated it was possibly heading towards the Kernersville area.

Corporal Little was on patrol in the area of W. Gate City Blvd and W. Florida Street at this time, and recalled a Crime Pattern Tracker identifying this as the suspect in several armed robberies in the city, and also that information had been obtained by detectives that these suspects traveled along I-40 to Kernersville.  Based on this information, Corporal Little parked his patrol car on I-40 westbound at the on-ramp from W. Gate City Blvd.

Corporal Little waited approximately 10-15 minute on I-40 before observing a gold Chevy Trailblazer traveling at between 60-63 mph.  This was the only gold Trailblazer seen on the interstate during the time Corporal Little was stationed there.  He was able to radio Dispatch III, as well as Dispatch IV, of his observation and direction of travel as he followed the suspect vehicle.  Corporal Little continued radioing in his updated location until assist officers were able to arrive on scene at which time he conducted a vehicle stop in the area of I-40WB and Bryan Blvd.

Corporal Little, Sergeant A. E. Mardis, Lieutenant C. Stevens, and Officer Grunenberg conducted a felony stop on the vehicle, directing the four occupants to exit the vehicle one at a time.  These suspects were subsequently detained and searched, and placed in additional officers’ cars as those officers arrived.  After removing the suspects from the vehicle, a search of the vehicle revealed merchandise that appeared to be related to the robbery, as well as (2) firearms.

Corporal Dodd from the robbery squad advised that as a result of these arrests additional charges will be filed.  In addition to the Greensboro Police Department cases that were cleared, UNC-G Police were able to file charges in some of their own cases.

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March Officer of the Month-Officer SM Garlick

GARLICK, S.M.On March 24th at 0500 hours Officer Garlick responded to Studio 6 hotel, 2000 Veasley Street, in reference to a subject walking through the parking lot with a flashlight pulling on several vehicle door handles.  Officer Garlick arrived, parked a short distance away and approached on foot to avoid detection.  While searching the lot Officer Garlick observed a subject matching the suspect’s description leaning inside a van from the passenger side door.  Officer Garlick approached and detained the subject.  Further investigation and interviews revealed that the suspect had indeed broken into the van.  The suspect was searched and stolen property was located in his possession.

A search of the area located 9 additional vehicles that had been broken into as well.   Additional stolen property from these vehicles was located hidden in nearby shrubbery.  Several hundred dollars of stolen property was recovered as a result of Officer Garlick’s apprehension.

On March 17th at 0500 Officers responded to 3729 W. Gate City Blvd on a burglary of business in progress.  An employee had reported that she had entered the front of the store in an attempt to prepare to open the store for business later in the morning when she heard subjects attempting to break into the rear of the business.  Officers arrived and observed two subjects attempting to break into the rear of the business.  The subjects fled on foot after observing the Officers.  Officer Garlick was able to pursue and apprehend one of the objects.  After further investigation the 2nd suspect was identified and both subjects were charged with attempted felony breaking and entering.

On March 15 at 0120 hours Officers responded to 3808 W. Gate City Blvd in reference to a shooting call in which the caller provided a suspect vehicle description.  Upon arrival Officer Garlick approached and located a shooting victim inside of a vehicle in the parking lot suffering a gunshot wound to one of his legs.   Officer Batten arrived and observed the suspect in a vehicle in the same parking lot.  Officer Garlick responded to his location and both Officers were able to apprehend the shooting suspect.  The firearm used was also located in the vehicle.  The suspect was arrested and a full confession was obtained.  Officer Garlick showed exemplary service and dedication in all of these cases.  His commitment, work ethic, response and investigative skill should be commended in these cases.

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May Officer of the Month-Officer WJ Russo

RUSSO, W.J.On 5/16/2016, Officer W. J. Russo responded to Carters Circle of Care located at 2031 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in reference to a possible fraud.  Upon arrival, Officer Russo determined that an individual was possibly utilizing fraudulent prescriptions in order to purchase narcotics.  Officer Russo was advised by personnel at Carters Care that an individual presenting a prescription purportedly signed by one of their nurse practitioners had been used at a pharmacy on Lees Chapel Rd.

Officer Russo was advised that the individual producing the prescription was not a patient of Carters  Care.  Officer Russo immediately responded to Lees Chapel Rd and determined that more than seven other prescriptions indicating Carters Care had been used to purchase narcotics at the pharmacy.  Officer Russo compared the “fake” scripts to a legitimate one and determined they were fraudulent.

Officer Russo then returned to Carters Care and through his investigation was able to identify 3 individuals working in concert to purchase narcotics illegally.  Recognizing that this may be a conspiracy “pill ring”, Officer Russo made contact with Vice/ Narcotics.  Through Officer Russo’s diligent investigation he was able to develop 17 felony charges for individuals involved, as well as lead detectives to develop approximately another 6 to 7 individuals also involved in the organized prescription fraud ring.  While the investigation is on-going, detectives advised that the subjects had been conducting this operation since December 2015.  Officer Russo was praised for his strong investigative work which was able to jump start an investigation involving an ongoing criminal enterprise.

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April Officer of the Month-Officer AA McHenry

McHENRY, A.A. (1)On April 8, 2016 Officer A. A. McHenry and several of her squad mates were dispatched to 2325 Floyd St. in reference to burglary in progress where the suspect had cut the power to residence and had attempted entry at the back door.  While officers were en-route the victim Ebony Seagraves gave a detailed description of the offender who officers were familiar with from prior encounters and who was now fleeing the scene.  As a result the suspect was quickly located, arrested, and identified as Paul Ewing.

At the scene Ms. Seagraves was very pleased with the Greensboro Police Department and commended officers for their efforts and actions today.  She also was able to locate a duffle bag which the suspect had abandoned at the scene which contained numerous burglary tools which was turned over to officers.  As a result Ewing was charged by Officer A. A. McHenry with Felony Breaking or Entering Possession of Burglary Tools and was confined to the Guilford County Jail.

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